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Online Game / Publisher: Actoz Soft
Developer: Square Enix

Since its first series in1987, Final Fantasy is a classic Japanese game series which has 15 main series and many remakes, sequels, spin-offs, and mobile series. The series draws fans all over the world with its own creative stories. One of its main series, Final Fantasy14 is a PC MMOPRG with a well-made scenario and massive game contents to play which enable its players to experience the virtual world of Final Fantasy.


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Online Game / Publisher: Actoz Soft
Developer: Actoz Soft

La Tale is a 2D-side scrolling MMORPG. Players can enjoy exciting adventures to the world of myth for finding the heroine of the story, Iris. Simple control with key board, but dynamic game play and impressive story. Also, players can decorate their own characters with thousands of costume items, and 68 job classes allows the players to enjoy various game play and PvP 68 job classes.

Dragon Nest M for kakao

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Mobile Game / Publisher: Actoz Soft
Developer: Shanda Interactive

Dragon Nest M for Kakao is a mobile RPG developed based on an online game IP: Dragon Nest . Dragon Nest M is the mobile version of original Dragon Nest , which successfully reproduced strong points of the original DN such as well-made plot, fairy-tale-like graphic images. and dynamic action. Dragon Nest M’s core point is diversity in battle contents : Nest for party playing, Arena for PvP under the equal conditions, Heroes’ Battle Field for battle to occupy the opponents’ base.