Actoz Soft is a game company continuously growing with the Korean game industry since established in 1996.


CI of Actoz Soft main image is “Star”, the symbol of dream and hope,
Showing our ambition to offer the best entertainment contents for people all over the world.

The CI of Actoz Soft is a design that symbolizes the initial 'A' of Actoz as a 'Star'.
It represents the hope that in the virtual world created by Actoz Soft,
numerous stars filled with dreams and hopes will be created, and it will become a festival of stars enjoyed together.


The Signature, which combines the symbol mark and logotype of Actoz Soft,
is a combination logo that is based on the Basic combination.
Depending on the space or usage, the Square combination is used for a frame closer to a square shape,
and the Wide combination is used when a wider layout is required.

Color System

· Color is an important visual symbol that is recognized before form among the visual elements of a company.
Therefore, when using colors, it is essential to adhere to the official guidelines and utilize an accurate color system.

· The main color, Actoz Red, symbolizes "fiery passion," while Actoz Blue represents "calmness and trust."
The violet color, which combines the extremes of these two colors, symbolizes "an unknown world transcending reality and fantasy."

· Even in black and white color environments,
the main color is used as a basis with a slight variation in brightness to preserve the characteristics of the Star symbol mark,
and gradients are utilized to maintain an expressive appearance.

· In special cases where monochromatic usage is required, it is permissible to use only one color, either black and white or a specific special color.