Actoz Soft is a game company continuously growing with the Korean game industry since established in 1996.


CI of Actoz Soft main image is “Star”, the symbol of dream and hope,
Showing our ambition to offer the best entertainment contents for people all over the world.

Star-shaped “A” is for Actoz Soft , which is the symbol of dream and hope for people all over the world.
Red arrow shape means passion and challenging spirit, and deep blue color of the logo means our will for builrding trust and customer satisfaction.

Signature (English Ver.)

Actoz Soft’s main logo is vertical version, but depending on the situation, horizontal version can be also used.

Signature (Korean Ver.)

The basic signature logo of Actoz Soft’s CI is English version. However, Korean version can be used when it is needed while conducting promotions. Korean-English combination logo also can be used when necessary, but not to be used as much as the main logo.

Color System

Color is the most intuitive graphic element , and reveals the company’s identity. Therefore, when using signature colors , accurate colors should be used.