Actoz Soft is a game company continuously growing with the Korean game industry since established in 1996.


Actoz Soft - Pioneering Korean Game Developers of PC Online and Mobile Games

Actoz Soft's history of success began with the launch of our first MMORPG - “1000 Years”. Since then, we have achieved a series of successes in launching PC online games across various genres, such as “Legend of MIR2” and “LaTale”, in both domestic and overseas markets. In particular, the “Legend of MIR” series has gained tremendous popularity in China. Today, the franchise has become a valuable intellectual property, serving as the basis for other cultural business areas, including mobile games and webtoons.

“We always strive to create brand-new sources of pleasure.”

Actoz Soft aims to lead the international entertainment culture by expanding our focus from PC online games to mobile games and e-sports.